half apron tutorial

I’m really excited to share my first sewing tutorial with you!  I’ve been using a ton of scraps lately to sew cooking aprons and just love them because there is so much that can be done.  I haven’t made one exactly the same yet and each new apron becomes my favorite!

I probably took way more pictures than needed but there’s nothing worse than a confusing tutorial so I’m hoping this will be easy to follow! Here goes!

For your pieces cut 1 lining piece.  Make sure its wide enough to fit your waist from side to side and length goes to about mid thigh. Your bottom ruffle will hang longer so keep that in mind. I made mine 17 inches for the width and 11″ for the length. Next cut 2 strips for your waist band.  (not pictured) I cut mine to 3.25″ by 18″ Make sure your waist band is just an inch or two wider than your lining.  Cut 4 identical strips for your ties/straps. I cut mine 3.25″x24″. If you don’t want to measure just make sure they are long enough to tie into a knot or bow. Finally cut 3 ruffle pieces. Mine are 8″ in length and the width is about 1.5 times the width of my lining piece. (17×1.5=25.5) 

First make a ruffle on your bottom ruffle piece.  I do this by sewing a basting stitch using the longest stitch length (4) on my machine with my thread tension on 8.  This causes my machine to make ruffles as I sew. I leave plenty of thread on both ends in case I have to adjust the ruffle by letting it out.  Read here for further instructions on how to sew a ruffle.

Next attach the ruffle to the bottom of your lining piece right sides together.

Open and press ruffle flat.  Now you can serge or zigzag the edges to prevent fraying. Then hem sides and then the bottom ruffle about 1/4″.

Serge and hem the sides and bottom of the other two ruffles. Figure out where you want to place the middle and top ruffle.  I overlapped the bottom ruffle about 2 inches. Now pin the middle ruffle to your lining right sides together and sew.  Open and press flat.

Next attach the top ruffle (shown above) by laying along the top edge of your lining so the right sides are facing you just as you would wear it.

Now pin the two waistband strips right sides together and sew down each long edge leaving the two short ends open. Turn right side out and stop stitch down one long side.

Next place the waist band over the top ruffle overlapping about 3/4 inch and topstitch in place.

Now pin two strap pieces right sides together and sew down the two long edges and one short end. Leave one end open.  Turn right side out and stop stitch around the same 3 sides. Repeat with second strap.

Now attach the straps by matching up the open edge of one strap to the open edge of the waistband.   Sew a straight stitch and then serge or zigzag to finish the edge.

Next topstitch along the short edge of the strap being sure to catch the seam you just made underneath. Repeat with the second strap.

You’re done! Now go try on your lovely apron and bake something yummy!


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